Experience: Retail’s New Manifesto

Physical retail is an international love affair. We’ve mused over Mexican in Palm Springs- now pop round the corner with us to Manifesto, the food ‘n culture concept taking over Prague.

Image: HowFarFromHome

This street food and design haven won Mastercard’s Retailer of the Year in 2018, and is known among tourists and locals alike for enchanting igloos that keep you as warm as your winter mulled wine.

This playground of international chefs, performers, and makers is so impressive that a well-respected attendee had this to say:

“It was a provocative and bold combination, much like Manifesto’s mission: to push for the innovative use of Prague’s cityscape while stimulating the senses.”

The New York Times

So successful was the concept that a second Manifesto Market opened just last week in the neighborhood of Smichov. 

The best part? The new venue is as unique as the first. 

They’ve taken customer experience to new heights, like the ones reached by current European summer temps. Thankfully, the new Manifesto Market is a refreshing city oasis. Customers can escape the heat with a dip in the blue pool waters, enjoying Czech beers and take in a movie at the summer cinema.

Images: Vision.gl and Manifesto Instagram

Interestingly, calling people customers in a set-up like this feels strange. Because while people do come here to buy food and other lifestyle goods, they also arrive to experience so much more. The word “attendees” feels so much more apt.

That is where the power in physical retail lies- in providing customer service and customer experience that makes your customers feel that they can come to spend some quality time, as well as money. 

This weekend, we were among a throng of other excited Manifesto attendees.

Customer experience obsessed as we are, we did notice some points they could address in the pursuit of #custexp perfection. (Please note, we share these only to help.)

  • Let’s talk queues. We expected these on the opening weekend, but it doesn’t have to be this way forever. Going forward, why not try adding other temporary service areas to allow a faster flow of service during the crazy hour. 
  • Additional bussing staff can help eateries keep on top of service too – sipping red wine out of a champagne flute is fun and all, but we prefer to swirl our nectar of the gods around a rotund glass bottom. Refusing service due to glassware issues would result in loss of sales- and thankfully for us, they didn’t resort to that!
  • Lastly, the spacing between a couple of the eateries was very tight. Why does this matter? Because it was sometimes difficult for people to view menus and take their time in choosing what they wanted.  A few of the menus and signage for toilets could have been more visible too.

Otherwise, it’s a massive thumbs up. We love Manifesto, and so do a bunch of really important people.

“The operators of Manifesto have placed Prague next to London and Lisbon where similar concepts exist.”

– E15

“Prague has recently made a massive leap up the coolness scale.”

– Lonely Planet 

Manifesto’s impact proves experiential retail will not just bump up your bottom line. Your retail contribution can elevate entire cities, opening the doors to international relevancy. 

Of course, when your open-hours resemble festival times; your layout, stall-management and customer service need the kind of production-mentality usually reserved for event organizers.

And that’s means: Every. Single. Time. You. Operate.
That’s just what happens when you’re a game-changer.

And that’s exactly where we can help.

Vision.gl measures what happens in your store, or Solution Story, and provides actionable insights on how to design and manage all manner of touchpoints to delight your attendees.

 Let us help you create a brand new potential. Visit Vision.gl now!

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